Mark's Supporters

Morgan Hill Police Officers' Association

“The Morgan Hill Police Officers’ Association (MHPOA) is proud to endorse Mark Turner to be the next Mayor of Morgan Hill. We support Mark because he understands the needs of the community and his desire to work with the Morgan Hill Police Department in keeping our city safe. Mark’s past support of public safety and commitment to the citizens of Morgan Hill are some of the reasons we are proud to formally endorse him. We look forward to Mark’s leadership in the mayor’s office.”  

– MHPOA President Sean Bayard

“I know Mark Turner to be a fierce advocate and natural leader whose business and community experience will greatly benefit Morgan Hill.”

– Supervisor Mike Wasserman (D1)

Endorsed by:
The California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


Elected Officials

Mike Wasserman
President, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

Jeff Rosen
Santa Clara County District Attorney
Johnny Khamis
Candidate District 1 County Supervisor
Gino Borgioli
Morgan Hill City Council member
Bob Foster
former Morgan Hill Mayor
Laurie Barke
former Morgan Hill Mayor
John Sorci
former Morgan Hill Mayor
Marby Lee
former Morgan Hill City Council
Marie Blankley
Mayor of Gilroy
Dion Bracco
Gilroy City Council member
Laura Perry
Gavilan College Board of Trustees
Fred Tovar
Gilroy City Council member
Edwin Diaz
Gavilan College Board of Trustees
Carol Ann Gittens
Trustee, Morgan Hill Unified School District

Veteran Supporters

Larry W Carr – U.S. Navy
James P Realini – U.S. Army
Steve Johnson – U.S. Army
John Zaucha – U.S. Air Force
Bobbie Zaucha – U.S. Air Force
Joseph Dowd – U.S. Army
Jim Jeisel – U.S. Navy
Eric Hilding – U.S. Army
Ken Schirle – U.S. Army
Kevin McGinty – U.S. Air Force
Herb Duvernay – U.S. Army
Gordon Case – U.S. Marine Corps
Roy Shackel – U.S. Navy
Ruben A Dominguez – U.S. Marine Corps
David de la Cuesta – U.S. Army
Jonathan Bennett – U.S. Army
Anthony Stafford – U.S. Navy
Bill Scheid – U.S. Army
Sam Palmisano – U.S. Army
Jim Johnson – U.S. Navy
Henry Mulder – U.S. Army
Matt Brule – U.S. Marine Corps
Alfred P. Alciati – U.S. Navy
John Ceballos – U.S. Navy

“As a Veteran, I’m grateful for the work Mark does each year in Morgan Hill through Wreaths Across America, honoring the commitment, dedication, and sacrifice of our military men and women. Mark will bring the same dedication to the residents of Morgan Hill.”

– Larry W. Carr, Veteran, U.S. Navy

Endorsed by:
Santa Clara County Association of Realtors

Business Leaders

David Clink
GM Remax Realty and former MH City Treasurer
Gary and Cecelia Ponzini
Owners of Ponzini Community Garage
Karen Nelson
President, South County Realtors Association
Nancy Foster
Past President, AAUW, Morgan Hill Branch 
John Telfer
Broker/Owner, South County Realty
John Bautista
Tropos Technologies, Inc.
Mattock Scariot
Director, Poppy Jasper International Film Festival
Shawn Sahbari
Komodo Fire Systems, Morgan Hill
Ryan Dinsmore
Alpine Landscapes
Robby Basati
Owner, Mtn. Mike’s Pizza, Morgan Hill
Luba Kharchenko
Morgan Hill Realtor
Waseem Rabih
Morgan Hill Realtor
Tim and Tammy Herlihy
Creative Manufacturing Solutions
Andy Mariani
Andy’s Orchard
Steve Cox
President, Anaeorbe Systems
Steve and Laura Peterson
Emma Lily Winery
Lisa Faria
President, SCCAOR

Ruben Garcia

Ruben Garcia Agency
Shawn Cabral
Compass Management Group
Scott Stotler
Stotler Design Group
Sandy and Bob Jamison
Morgan Hill Realtors
Jim Angelopoulos
Yolked Restaurant 
Bob Traina
Pavers By Design
Dan Harney
Ashley Valetta
Andrea Nicolette
Erin Gil
Tom Divittorio
Jayson Stebbins
Salvatore Calisi
Kerry Wallace
Dan McCranie
Robert and Laura Bertoldi
Rich Firato
Del Foster
Mike and Debbi Sanchez
Luca Rutigliano
Justin Settle
Bill and Brenda Murphy
Jim Divittorio
Tim Paulus
Bill Chiala
Rob Christopher
Roger Malech

“As a business owner, I appreciate Mark’s understanding of the business community’s needs and his work to create an environment where businesses can thrive.”

– Tim Herlihy, Creative Manufacturing Solutions

Community Leaders

Kathleen Rose
Superintendent/President, Gavilan College (Retired)
Ron & Shirlee Locicero
Founders of Magical Bridge Morgan Hill Inclusive Playground
Swanee Edwards
Tony and Inga Bredehoeft
Jim and Laurie Conforti
Eric and Carolyn Wallace
Tara Bevington
Danean Smith
Carol and Larry W. Carr
Ken Murray
Mary Anne Groen
Chef Carlos Pineda
Pastor Eric and Carol Smith
Lissa Kreisler
Rich and Kathy LeBleu
Bob Lipscomb
Bernie Mulligan
Larry and Pat Toombs

Andrea Nicolette
Stan Devlin
Dave Wendt
Doug Kalpakoff 
Alegria Serrano
Andy Francke

Law Enforcement

Morgan Hill Police Officers’ Association
Gilroy Police Officers’ Association
Peace Officers’ Research Association of California
(PORAC – Central Coast Chapter)
Kevin Jensen
Candidate for Santa Clara County Sheriff
Scot Smithee
former Gilroy Police Chief
Denise Sellers
former Gilroy Police Chief
Mike Sellers
former Santa Clara Police Chief
Bob Cooke
Special Agent in Charge (Retired)
California Department of Justice
Michael DiSanto
NASA Office of Protective Services
Michael Brookman

Endorsements are made in their personal capacities. 
Titles and affiliations are for identification purposes only; no organizational endorsements are implied.
(Partial List)

Mark Turner

Leadership for a Change

If you wish to contribute to my campaign for election of Mayor of Morgan Hill please take a moment and donate. 

The maximum donation allowed under city ordinance is $4,900.00.

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