About Mark

We have some serious issues to address, such as overwhelming residential development, a lack of infrastructure to support that growth, a lack of water, a rise in crime, an underfunded and understaffed police department and the need of a third fire station, just to name a few.

As mayor, I will work to limit growth, fund our police, develop plans for a reliable long-term water supply and get our third fire station built.

My wife, Sue, and I are 30-year residents of Morgan Hill. We raised our three girls in the community we love. I coached my daughters in Morgan Hill Spirit Softball, served on the board of my Homeowner’s Association, participated in creek clean-ups, helped raise thousands of dollars for Morgan Hill schools and other local nonprofit organizations, as well as volunteered for the Morgan Hill Freedom Fest Parade.

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Commitment to Morgan Hill

I have decided to run for mayor because I cannot stand by and watch decisions being made and actions being taken by the City Council that are counter to being a servant of the public. 

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Get Involved

Community involvement is, and always has been, a top priority for me.  Would you like an opportunity to be the change YOU want to see? Fill out the form below and join many other Morgan Hill residents demanding leadership for a change.

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Public Safety | Downtown | Economic Development and Jobs | Tourism | Local Control

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“Mark is a compassionate, understanding, and caring leader. I have seen him lead in some of the most difficult situations where unity, inspiration, and empathy were required. He has the unique ability to listen to opposing views and find middle ground where solutions can be identified. I am encouraged by his moderate and sensible thoughts regarding the issues facing our town. For these reasons, I wholeheartedly endorse Mark for Mayor.”

– Swanee Edwards, 32-year resident of Morgan Hill, Santa Clara County Elections Commissioner.


Morgan Hill Police Officers’ Association (MHPOA)

Elected Officials

Johnny Khamis
Candidate District 1 County Supervisor
Gino Borgioli
Morgan Hill City Council member

Law Enforcement

Gilroy Police Officers’ Association
Peace Officers’ Research Association of California
(PORAC – Central Coast Chapter)

Business Leaders

David Clink
GM Remax Realty and former MH City Treasurer
Gary and Cecelia Ponzini
Owners of Ponzini Community Garage

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Mark Turner

Leadership for a Change

If you wish to contribute to my campaign for election of Mayor of Morgan Hill please take a moment and donate. 

The maximum donation allowed under city ordinance is $4,900.00.

Thank you for your support!